traditional tweed jacketClassic Tweed Jackets

The tweed jacket in Irish heritage goes back centuries… Warm and hard wearing, and worm by all walks of life, it provided protection from the elements in the wilds of the Irish landscape… and featuring a real working cuff – a necessity for the peasant Irish labourer! … and probably where the modern term “rolling your sleeves up” came from… read more

traditional tweed jacketTweed Trousers

Tweed trousers go back in Irish tradition as long as the jacket or waistcoat… A head wearing and warm garment for the outdoor life of the average Irish peasant, the only thing that has changed since the old days is that modern manufacturing has added a zip fly (an easier option then the old button fly) and the addition of trouser lining, to add to the comfort of the garment… read more

traditional tweed jacketTweed Waistcoat

The traditional Irish waistcoat differs from the modern waist coat mainly at the back! Modern waistcoats seen today with suits will usually have a lining back, with cloth only at the front… but the traditional Irish waistcoat features cloth front and back! read more