Classic Tweed Jacket


Our traditional tweed jacket is made here in Ireland, from genuine 100% Donegal Tweed. It features two front buttons, two vents, a working cuff and a black cotton blend body lining**. The jacket also features edged seams, a staple of the traditional Irish tweed jacket and one that in the modern world gives the jacket a fashionable twist.

See size guide below.


Our classic tweed jacket, made from 100% Donegal Tweed is for the more mature man needing a standard fit. With two front buttons, two vents and a working cuff, this is the traditional style for the Irish Tweed jacket. This jacket features a black cotton blend body lining**, and modern sleeve lining for comfort and ease of wear.

** Traditionally, Irish tweed jackets would have had a pure cotton lining, which by today’s standards is heavy and can have a rough finish. We have added a modern twist to this by using a cotton blend body lining (which is a little lighter and softer, making it nicer to wear) and using a standard sleeve lining instead of the traditional heavy cotton (this makes it easier to ‘slide’ into the jacket).

Size Guide

Chest Size384042444648
Half Waist212223242526
Jacket Length29½3030½3131½32
Outside Sleeve24½24¾2525¼25½25¾

Long and short fits also available – see note below

  • A Long Fit in any of the above sizes will have an Outside Sleeve and Jacket length 1 inch longer than those listed on the size table.
  • A Short Fit in any of the above sizes  will have an Outside Sleeve and Jacket length 1 inch shorter than those listed on the size table.

While every effort is made to ensure all garments are supplied to the specifications listed below, due to the nature of tweed, you may find some minor discrepancies in certain measurements.

Additional information

Chest Size

36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48


Short, Regular, Long


0701 06, 0701 07, 0701 122, 0701 35, 0701 42, 0701 47, 0701 54, 0701 79, 0702 04, 0702 161, 0702 80, 302/7224, 303/6006, 303/7217, 303/7220, 303/7221, 69590136, 69590538, 69591243, 911/6012, 911/6013, 911/6014, 911/7036, 911/7042, 911/7209, 912/7201, 912/7203, 912/7206